Lastly, see the signs and symptoms of turfgrass diseases when you are having issues with your turfgrass.

We have shared two prior blogs to help you in figuring out turfgrass diseases; the first concerning the “disease triangle” to aid in figuring out diseases in turfgrass, and the second focusing on what else besides a disease could be ailing your turfgrass. Now we share the last, which looks at the signs and symptoms of diseases in turfgrass. All three were taken from an article in Turf Magazine. See it below.

Signs and Symptoms of Turfgrass Diseases

The article first shares the definition of ‘signs’ and ‘symptoms:’

Signs are the visible evidence of the disease-causing agent. In the case of turfgrass diseases, the most common sign that we readily see is the presence of fungal mycelium on the leaf surface. Diseases such as brown patch and dollar spot are known to produce abundant aerial mycelium during the nighttime/morning hours when active.”

“Symptoms, on the other hand, are the visible effects or responses of the turfgrass to the pathogen.”

Then it shared the signs and symptoms of turfgrass diseases:

  • “Discoloration. The turfgrass may exhibit patches or areas that are yellow, brown, or off-color compared to the healthy surrounding turf.
  • Leaf spots or lesions. Small or large spots, blotches, or lesions may appear on the turfgrass blades.
  • Patches or rings. Circular or irregularly shaped areas of abnormal turfgrass growth or decline may develop.”

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