Examine the Disease Triangle that you can use in determining turfgrass diseases for landscaping, lawns, golf courses, and more.

Turfgrasses are susceptible to pathogens just like any other plant, but determining the problem can be a struggle. A recent article in Turf Magazine shared information on the Disease Triangle and using it in determining turfgrass diseases. The article maintains that “Plant diseases are caused by various types of pathogens including fungal, bacterial, or viral organisms,” and that, “In turfgrass, most diseases are caused by fungal or fungal-like organisms.” Knowing the cause of your turfgrasses’ problem is the first step in treating it. See the information below.

The Disease Triangle and Determining Turfgrass Diseases

The article shares that the Disease Triangle “illustrates the interrelationship between three main factors that contribute to the establishment and progression of disease. These factors are:”

  • “Host. The host refers to the plant species or variety that is susceptible to the pathogen. Different plants have varying levels of susceptibility to specific pathogens. Healthy and stressed plants may also respond differently to pathogen invasion.
  • Pathogen. The pathogen represents the disease-causing organism. Pathogens have specific requirements for growth, including favorable environmental conditions and a susceptible host.
  • Environment. The environment encompasses various abiotic factors that affect the development and severity of the disease. The primary factors include temperature, humidity, and soil moisture.”

The Disease Triangle can be used in determining turfgrass diseases because “all three factors must be present for disease to occur.” You can use it to “help confirm the presence of a disease,” and “also to rule out certain diseases or disease all together.”

The article maintains that “Believe it or not, in most turfgrass disease diagnostic labs the ‘no disease’ diagnosis is normally the most common.” See what else besides diseases could be affecting your grass in our next blog.

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