Griffin Fertilizer Company, a division of Ben Hill Griffin, Inc., is a full-service custom dry & liquid fertilizer blender and crop protection products distributor.

Griffin Fertilizer Company

Griffin Fertilizer Company, a division of Ben Hill Griffin, Inc., is a full-service custom dry & liquid fertilizer blender and crop protection products, distributor. Since our founding by Ben Hill Griffin, Jr. in 1959, Griffin Fertilizer has been committed to helping our customers make sound agronomic and economic decisions in order to maximize their crop yields.


Griffin Dual Phos

GRIFFIN DUAL PHOS is a proprietary nutrient solution containing highly soluble forms of elements essential to plant growth, crop development, crop quality and yield. 

Dual PHOS is formulated with Dipotassium Phosphate (DKP).



Research Into Tricking Asian Citrus Psyllids

See the results of research testing tricking Asian citrus psyllids using different scents and colors on citrus trees. A UF/IFAS Article of the Month maintains that Asian citrus psyllids (ACP) “typically relies on tactile, visual and odor cues to detect its host.” UF/IFAS scientists are conducting research into tricking Asian citrus psyllids with different scents and colors, specifically “kaolin with food colorant as an irritant [...]

Utilize the Tick App for All Your Tick Problems

If you have a problem with ticks in the Southern Region of the US, utilize the Tick App from Texas A&M to help solve it. Texas A&M created the Tick App for those in Texas and the Southern Region to use to help ag producers dealing with tick problems. Recommended by The Florida Cattlemen’s Association, the app “has been developed to provide citizen consumers and [...]

Florida Beef Forage Fertilizer Recommendations

See Florida beef forage fertilizer recommendations from UF/IFAS for Florida beef producers to get optimal returns for their operations. Forages are commonly used to provide optimal nutrition to cow herds. It’s also utilized to save on supplemental feed for animals. We shared information from a UF/IFAS South Florida Beef-Forage Program article on the pros and cons of various Florida beef forages, and we wanted to [...]

Use These 4R Micronutrient Webinars to Increase Your Fertilization Knowledge

Utilize the 4R Micronutrient Webinars by The Fertilizer Institute will help you to extend your knowledge about nutrients and fertilization. The Fertilizer Institute is an organization that works to “advance the 4R nutrient stewardship initiative” alongside other groups. Two goals of the organization are to establish the “4Rs as a recognizable strategy for economic, social, and environmental sustainability” and to expand “the adoption of 4R [...]

Trying Brassinosteroids After IPCs

Current research using brassinosteroids after IPCs being conducted by UF/IFAS is showing promise in maintaining tree health. Florida citrus growers are using individual protective covers (IPCs) to keep young citrus trees from being infected by citrus greening for as long as possible. IPCs are mesh bags that keep the Asian citrus psyllid, the vector that spreads citrus greening, from feeding on the tree and spreading [...]

Up Your Disease Control Records Game to Increase Efficacy

See how improving disease control records can improve disease control in vegetable operations. Improving your disease control records can improve disease control in the future of your vegetable operation, according to Growing Produce article. The piece maintains “Success in agriculture depends on collecting and recording key information. It demands accurate data on all inputs, such as the fertilizers used and their costs, cultivar of the [...]


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