See what other factors besides diseases in turfgrass might be giving you problems, especially if you have worked through the disease triangle from part 1.

We recently shared

to aid in figuring out diseases in turfgrass from an article in Turf Magazine. Essentially, the disease triangle “is a model used to explain the development of plant disease,” where a combination of host, pathogen, and environment must come together for the disease to be present. In this blog, we’ll look at what you should rule out when trying to determine what is ailing your turfgrass. See the details below.

When It’s Not Diseases in Turfgrass

The article maintains that there are many other factors that can cause problems beyond diseases in turfgrass, especially if all three parts of the disease triangle are not present. The article shares that your turfgrass problems could be caused by:

  • “Nutrient deficiencies or imbalances.Inadequate or excessive levels of nutrients can result in yellowing, discoloration, or stunted growth.”
  • “Improper watering or irrigation practices.Overwatering or underwatering can have detrimental effects on turfgrass. Excessive moisture can lead to root rot or shallow root development, while insufficient water can cause wilting and dormancy.”
  • “Compaction and poor soil conditions.Soil compaction from heavy foot traffic or machinery can restrict root growth and reduced vigor.”
  • “Physical damage.Turfgrass can be damaged by factors like improper mowing techniques, mechanical injury, sports activities, and animal activity.”
  • “Environmental stress.Extreme temperatures, drought, frost, excessive heat, or cold can stress turfgrass and cause a decline in turfgrass appearance and quality.”

In our next blog, we will share the signs and symptoms of turfgrass diseases.

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