Griffin Fertilizer Company, a division of Ben Hill Griffin, Inc., is a full-service custom dry & liquid fertilizer blender and crop protection products distributor.

Griffin Fertilizer Company

Griffin Fertilizer Company, a division of Ben Hill Griffin, Inc., is a full-service custom dry & liquid fertilizer blender and crop protection products, distributor. Since our founding by Ben Hill Griffin, Jr. in 1959, Griffin Fertilizer has been committed to helping our customers make sound agronomic and economic decisions in order to maximize their crop yields.


Griffin Dual Phos

GRIFFIN DUAL PHOS is a proprietary nutrient solution containing highly soluble forms of elements essential to plant growth, crop development, crop quality and yield. 

Dual PHOS is formulated with Dipotassium Phosphate (DKP).



Combating Citrus Fruit Splitting

See the issues that cause citrus fruit splitting and the steps to take to prevent it from happening in your citrus grove. Florida citrus growers need nearly every piece of fruit to make it to harvest; citrus greening, postbloom fruit drop, and a variety of other diseases and pests are taking a high toll. There’s no room to lose fruit to citrus fruit splitting. A [...]

Combating Pink Eye in Cattle

See management strategies for preventing and treating pink eye in cattle, a bacterial infection that can negatively affect your herd. As the weather gets warmer, the conditions for pink eye in cattle make it easier for the condition to spread. Caused mainly by the Moraxella bovis bacteria, pink eye “can lead to reduced cattle performance, which affects profitability,” according to a Beef Magazine article. See [...]

The Details of the Veterans Florida Agriculture Program

See details of the Veterans Florida Agriculture Program, a training fellowship that prepares military personnel for an ag career. It’s an unfortunate truth that many military personnel often struggle to find work upon returning to civilian life. A recent WGCU story shared the details of the Veterans Florida Agriculture Program (VFAP), citing the fact that “U.S. military veterans often face challenges when transitioning to civilian employment after [...]

Advanced Turfgrass Management

Register now to attend the June 13th Turf Academy: Advanced Turfgrass Management, presented by UF/IFAS Extension. UF/IFAS Extension is presenting Turf Academy: Advanced Turfgrass Management in mid-June. Turfgrass management in Florida is a complex undertaking, and a lack of knowledge can lead to mismanagement. This program will provide training in an array of multiple areas concerning turfgrass management. See the details of the event below. [...]

The Ins and Outs of Creep Grazing

Creep grazing is a pasture management practice used to increase the weight of suckling calves in a cow-calf operation. A UF/IFAS Extension publication on creep grazing maintains that “Selling additional pounds of calf is a desirable objective in any beef cattle enterprise.” Utilizing creep grazing is one way to achieve this. See the details of the process from the publication below. […]

Best Management Practices for Calf Processing Vaccines

See the Best Management Practices when it comes to using calf processing vaccines in your cow-calf operation. Vaccines are an important tool in the effort towards raising healthy calves. They are typically administered during calf processing, and there are a number of ways to mess up the process. The Best Management Practices for calf processing vaccines were shared in a Beef Magazine article about processing [...]


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