See the qualities that make a good cover crop for your ag operation, whether in a grove to control weeds or in a field.

Cover crops are getting a lot of attention in the Florida citrus industry at the moment, as it’s believed cover crops planted in the row middles can control weeds and amend the soil for citrus tree roots that desperately need help due to citrus greening. Cover crops are also beneficial for many other crops. So how do you choose which cover crop is right for your operation? A UF/IFAS blog post looked at the characteristics of a good cover crop. See them below.

Choosing a Good Cover Crop

The blog shared the characteristics of a good cover crop; those characteristics that you should look for when choosing one to plant in your ag operation. They are:

  • Requires only a short period to grow so that it doesn’t interfere with the main production seasons (usually fall and spring).
  • It can offer much-needed rotation that can help improve soil health and possibly fix nitrogen in the soil.
  • Some cover crops offer pest nematode suppression in the soil with various mechanisms. For example, Sunn hemp suppression to sting nematode after strawberry winter production in Florida.
  • Offer erosion protection when compared to fallow land during rainy and windy conditions.
  • Compete with weeds for resources reducing their spread and reproduction.
  • Some cover crops may offer a monetary return if foliage is harvested as animal feed.
  • Environmentally, large dense cover crop foliage can increase atmospheric carbon capture, help with pollution reduction, and offer habitation to beneficial insects and wildlife. Also, it can help improve bee colonies’ health and offer a food source for wild pollinators between seasons.

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