Researchers with UF/IFAS are working on updating guidelines for new plantings is the era of citrus greening.

UF/IFAS researchers are undertaking a research project to update guidelines for new plantings, according to a Citrus Industry article. Led by UF/IFAS entomologist Lauren Diepenbrock, the project is titled “Establishing Healthy Citrus Plantings in the Face of Persistent HLB Pressure.” Explore the details below.

Updating Guidelines for New Plantings

According to the article, Diepenbrock maintained that current guidelines were created prior to the rise of citrus greening in the Sunshine State. “Our goal is to come up with some guidelines to help growers establish new plantings … using some of the tools that growers are already implementing that we have zero guidelines on,” Diepenbrock said in the article.

Tools the researchers are looking to create guidelines on include reflective mulch, individual protective covers (IPCs),  and kaolin clay, according to the article. Other areas the project will focus on include pathology above ground and below ground, nutrition and irrigation, and overall tree growth.

“Growers are trying to use these new tools. But when they ask for help, we don’t know what to tell them. So we’re hoping that through this research we will be able to give our growers some evidence-based guidelines to help them be successful,” Diepenbrock said in the article. Citrus growers can expect new recommendations in a few years, as it will take a “few growing seasons before seeing consistent, accurate conclusions for recommendations.”

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