GRIFFIN GREEN contains Dual Phos, a nutrient solution containing two highly soluble forms of phosphorus – Dipotassium Phosphate (DKP) and Phosphorus Acid.

• DKP has a very low salt index and can be safely applied at higher rates than many other products.
• DKP provides readily available phosphorus and potassium that remain in solution on the leaf longer – an essential requirement for foliar phosphorus uptake.

GRIFFIN GREEN contains 1/2 pound of pure Phosphorus Acid per gallon. Research has demonstrated that combining phosphates and phosphites (from phosphorus acid) in a single application is an innovative and superior method. The dual application provides a synergistic effect in which the inherent qualities for both products are amplified.
GRIFFIN GREEN also includes Agro-Mos® from Alltech® Crop Science. Agro-Mos® is designed to enhance the natural systemic resistance within crops to crop-borne challenges.
GRIFFIN GREEN includes a full complement of essential, soluble micronutrients. These elements are in the correct ratio to provide the building blocks for the complex enzymatic reactions essential to overall plant health, production, and disease resistance. Compatibility – GRIFFIN GREEN has a neutral pH and is compatible with most common foliar pesticides and nutrients. However, USER ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY to ensure compatibility when tank mixing with other products.


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