See the insights into the freeze-dried fruit market based of a forecast from a market research and consulting firm.

A new study by a market research and consulting firm has forecast the freeze-dried fruit market to rise through 2030, according to a Citrus Industry article. Explore the insights from the study, as shared in the article, below.

Projections for the Freeze-Dried Fruit Market

The article shared the following insights from the freeze-dried fruit market study:

  • Increasing demand for whole FDF is expected to propel growth in the coming years.
  • Orchard and citrus fruits such as kiwi, pear, peach and lemon are recording high sales, especially for vitamin C-enriched freeze-dried fruits.
  • Business-to-business sales channels are highly sought after within the market.
  • North America will continue offering lucrative growth opportunities. It will remain the dominant FDF market, trailed by Europe.

“There is immense focus on food derived from natural resources. This has been encouraging market players to launch a variety of freeze-dried fruits, comprising exotic and tropical fruits, orchard and citrus fruits, berries and others. Also, they are increasingly eliminating synthetic flavors and preservatives and replacing them with natural flavors and colors,” shared a study analyst.

The article maintains that the study indicated conventional freeze-dried fruit could “gain traction over organic FDF in the coming years due to their taste, varieties and other characteristics. Conventional freeze drying is highly efficient for heat-sensitive fruits such as oranges, grapefruit and pears.” This demand could open new markets for Florida citrus growers.