Learn all about topics concerning horse health at the UF/IFAS Florida Equine Institute and Allied Trade Show.

Florida is a horse state, with many ranches employing horses to get around their ranches and tend to their herds. Similarly, many people have horses as a hobby. Those interested in topics concerning horse health should attend the UF/IFAS Florida Equine Institute and Allied Trade Show, scheduled for September 22nd. The day starts at 9 am and ends 4:30 pm in Ocala, Florida—the Horse Capital of the World—at the Southeastern Livestock Pavilion. See the details below.

Florida Equine Institute Details

The UF/IFAS Florida Equine Institute and Allied Trade Show is offered by UF/IFAS Extension Marion County. It will feature educational seminars led by Extension agents, UF professors, and other experts. on topics like horse nutrition, ulcer care, and more. There is also an allied trade show where attendees can see the latest in products and services related to horse health and care.

Topics for the seminars include:

  • Equine Nutrition: Feeding our horses to fit their anatomical design.
  • Artificial Intelligence to Assess Equine Mobility: Research Update.
  • Live Demo: Equine Gastric Ulcer Diagnostics and Management.
  • Equine Behavior demonstration.
  • Equine First Aid
  • Hay for Horses
  • Trailer Maintenance & Safety
  • Equine Expert Panel

Additionally, students and Florida Thoroughbred Breeders’ and Owners’ Association members can get discounted tickets. Buy tickets here.

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