Be prepared to share the advantages and disadvantages of sod versus seed with your Florida landscaping clients.

The majority of homeowners and business owners want their landscaping to look as good as possible, and that includes their lawn. When new grass is needed, either due to new construction or replacing the grass, your landscaping clients have the choice of sod versus seed. Share the advantages and disadvantages of both with your clients, courtesy of Tvetene Turf. See them below.

Sod Versus Seed

The advantages and disadvantages of sod versus seed include:



  • “You’ll have an instant lawn that’s ready for your family to enjoy in about two weeks.”


  • “Your initial costs will be higher with sod.”



  • “A seeded lawn is more economical.”


  • It “will take much longer and require a considerable amount of effort on your part to achieve the same result” as sod as the lawn will need to be watered multiple times a day.”
  • “Expect 4-6 weeks for even sporadic growth.”
  • “As not all of the seed will typically germinate due to birds, weed competition, etc., you should plan on over-seeding at least once.”
  • “You will need to “Spray out the weeds with a quality weed spray that’s designed to be safe for your young grass. Once the weeds are sprayed out, you may need to re-seed those areas again.”
  • It will take roughly a year for seed to turn into a lush lawn.

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