The 2019 Florida Citrus Industry Annual Conference was held in mid-June in Bonita Springs; explore the topics that were front and center.

Florida Citrus Mutual hosted the 2019 Florida Citrus Industry Annual Conference in Bonita Springs in the middle of June. Many topics were on the table, according to a Growing Produce article, but a handful were at the top of the list. Explore these topics that are of great importance to the Florida citrus industry.

Main Topics at the 2019 Florida Citrus Industry Annual Conference

  1. The Citrus Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) and the University of Florida (UF). According to the article, the CRDF’s issues with UF were at the front and center of discussion. The issue is that CRDF was set up as a legally separated, nonprofit entity and a direct service organization (DSO) affiliated with UF. UF’s board of trustees now want CRDF’s research funds—sourced from box tax dollars that are paid by growers and other funds—to go to the university, and they will then approve proposed research done by CRDF. Such a move is not amendable to CRDF. In the article, Rick Dantzler, Chief Operating Officer of CRDF, maintained that CRDF likely would split ties with UF unless a compromise was found, and that grower sentiments were with CRDF.
  2. Orange Juice Definitions. With citrus greening affecting juice orange supplies, growers and juice producers are looking to be able to utilize a wider variety of oranges and citrus, especially those that are more tolerant of greening.
  3. Super High-Density Plantings. The benefits of high-density plantings have been shown; super high-density plantings could have even more.

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