Cattle reproduction is an area that requires a lot of knowledge to make it successful and cost-efficient, and it’s an area that greatly impacts the success of any cow-calf operation. It’s only logical to conclude that any cow-calf operation looking to boost production efficiently without also increasing costs needs to have a good understanding of all the facets of cattle reproduction.

To meet that need for knowledge, the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension (UF/IFAS) is offering annual reproductive management schools for south, central and northeast Florida. These schools will offer producers valuable information about improving cattle reproduction as efficiently as possible.

Cattle Reproduction Topics

The reproductive management schools will address a variety of topics related to cattle reproduction. Attendees can expect to learn about topics and science-based methods for improving reproduction, such as:

  • Body Conditioning
  • Nutrition
  • Genetics
  • Detecting pregnancy in cows
  • Assisting during a difficult birth
  • Animal Behavior

The topics will delve into “hands-on, holistic approaches,” according to a UF/IFAS release on the reproductive management schools. An example of such an approach is the “quiet handling” method, designed by Temple Grandin. This approach creates a calm environment for cows, and it can help artificially inseminated cows conceive at higher rates. All topics will help small and medium-sized producers to increase production without increasing costs.

Reproductive School Dates

There will be three different schools held, one for south Florida, one for central Florida and one for northeast Florida. The first scheduled school is the South Florida Beef-Forage Group’s reproductive school, which will be held Nov. 15 to 17 at Longino Ranch in Sidell, Florida. Tomorrow, October 21st is the registration deadline. Register here.

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