Researchers with UF/IFAS are studying all the options that could help young citrus trees fight citrus greening.

Fighting citrus greening is a leading concern for researchers in Florida, and the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) is a leader in research that addresses citrus greening. Scientists with UF/IFAS announced a new study to look at ways growers can help young citrus trees fight citrus greening, according to a UF/IFAS blog. Read the details below.

Researching Ways to Help Young Citrus Trees Fight Citrus Greening

A group of UF/IFAS researchers are going to look at all the options currently available to growers to help young citrus trees combat citrus greening, and study which work, and which ones can be used together to boost a young tree’s chances at combating citrus greening.

The research will look at tools already available to growers, such as:

  • insect management tools, like insect-proof netting
  • reflective mulch
  • kaolin clay
  • chemical-based insect pest management

Lauren Diepenbrock, a UF/IFAS assistant professor of entomology and the leader of the research project was quoted in the blog as saying: “All of these tools are aimed at insect management, but it is unclear how they influence other aspects of grove care, like plant growth rates or water use.” The research study is part of a $665,471 grant the UF/IFAS team was awarded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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