Florida citrus growers should see recent research results that are being used for UF/IFAS nutrient and fertilization guidelines for citrus.

UF/IFAS researchers have been studying “optimal nutrient concentrations in citrus roots” to improve “the understanding of HLB dynamics concerning root nutrition and fertilizer application methods,” according to a UF/IFAS Tip of the Week article. The article shared the takeaways from research that is being done to create UF/IFAS nutrient and fertilization guidelines for citrus. See the details below.

UF/IFAS Nutrient and Fertilization Guidelines for Citrus

The article shared the following details of the research: “UF/IFAS) researchers looked at nutrient uptake via soil fertilizer applications for 5- to 6-year-old HLB-affected Valencia orange trees on Swingle rootstock at Ridge and Flatwoods sites. Macronutrients and micronutrients were applied at varying fertilization rates via fertigation according to UF/IFAS guidelines. The standard fertilizer program was compared with elevated macronutrient and micronutrient fertilization programs. Soil and leaf samples were collected for nutrient concentration analysis in spring and fall of 2019 and summer of 2020.”

The following were takeaways from the research for UF/IFAS nutrient and fertilization guidelines for citrus, according to the article:

  • “Higher macronutrient and micronutrient fertilization rates led to higher fruit yields and faster root growth.”
  • “Soil fertilizer application for micronutrients was more effective in increasing canopy size and root growth than foliar fertilization.”

The article shared that the “higher fertilization rates” that “increased nutrient uptake and root growth,” thus “improving overall tree performance” in citrus greening-infected trees was “standard fertilization + 40 pounds/acre calcium + 40 pounds/acre magnesium + 220 pounds/acre potassium + 20 pounds/acre iron + 20 pounds/acre manganese + 20 pounds/acre zinc + 4 pounds/acre boron.”

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