See tips from the UF/IFAS Tip of the Week on achieving optimal timing for gibberellic acid applications.

Gibberellic acid has been used in Florida citrus groves since 2021 when applications have been shown to rejuvenate canopies, reduce preharvest fruit drop, and improve yields. However, the timing is important.  See tips for optimal timing for gibberellic acid applications from an article on timing of gibberellic acid (GA) from the UF/IFAS Tip of the Week article.

Getting Optimal Timing for Gibberellic Acid Applications

These tips on achieving optimal timing for gibberellic acid applications are gleaned from the article:

  • “The research on Valencia shows that the effect of GA improves over time. Therefore, repeated application is desirable.”
  • “Many growers have indicated a desire to time GA application with the natural flushing cycle. However, growers are strongly discouraged from GA application in the spring season.”
  • “A simple rule of thumb is to avoid GA application from January (once the trees have attained high floral bud induction) to early June (when the “June drop” has ended).”
  • “GA application at the time of fruit set can enhance the fruit set. Under normal conditions, more fruit set is good. However, HLB-affected trees have poor canopies and roots, so an increase in fruit set…can further stress a tree’s carbohydrate requirement, and excessive fruit may result in excessive preharvest fruit drop later in the season. Therefore, avoiding the window of flowering, fruit set and early fruit growth is recommended.”

The article ended with “As researchers develop more information on the timing of gibberellic acid use, growers are encouraged to only use GA within the recommended window of August through December. June and July application also seems promising but needs further scrutiny before developing a recommendation.”

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