Explore the benefits of sap analysis as an emerging technology for getting a deeper insight into what’s going on in your citrus grove.

Sap analysis is an emerging technology for measuring the nutrients in a citrus tree. Called “a blood test for plants” sap analysis can be used for making informed decisions concerning the nutrition and fertilizer for your citrus grove, according to a Growing Produce article. See the benefits of sap analysis below.

Benefits of Sap Analysis

There are many benefits of sap analysis, according to the article. Benefits include:

  • “The samples pulled for sap analysis focus on the sap (xylem and phloem) in the vascular system of the petioles, leaves, and/or stems. Traditional tissue samples pull from the nutrients within the leaf tissue, or the historical accumulation of nutrients.”
  • “Traditional tissue samples provide a snapshot of the right now in the plant, sap analysis can peek into the inventory of nutrients and provide a forward look at where nutritional elements will be in the days and weeks ahead — four to six weeks in some cases.”
  • “You can get a read on up to 23 different essential nutrients and nutritional indicators.”
  • “Sap analysis can help you adjust nutrient applications to keep the plants’ nutrition in a state of balance. Report results indicate if elements are deficient, optimum, or excessive.”
  • Sap analysis can “show deficiencies of nutrients before they showed visually on the tree.”

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