Florida citrus growers and those related to the industry are being asked to take the Florida Citrus State of the Industry Survey.

Citrus Industry is looking to get the pulse of the Florida citrus industry at the start of the citrus season, according to a Citrus Industry article. They’re asking Florida citrus growers and vested partners in the industry, such as “a consultant/caretaker (who can answer generally on behalf of your growers)” to take the Florida Citrus State of the Industry Survey. See the details below.

Details of the Florida Citrus State of the Industry Survey

According to the article, the main focus of the survey is “grower participation in applying new HLB therapies. The survey asks for observations on how these therapies are impacting tree health.” Such new therapies include trunk-injection therapies. The survey looks for responses pertaining to each respondent’s particular grove.

Additionally, the Florida Citrus State of the Industry Survey also asks questions about planting new trees, the popularity of varieties and rootstocks, and respondents’ thoughts on the state of the Florida citrus industry now and in the future.

The 17-question survey is a mixture of multiple-choice answers and written response questions. The accumulated results of all the responses will be published in Citrus Industry magazine in both January and February of 2024; though the results will be “published in aggregate. Your individual results will not be published.” The article maintains that the survey should not take a long time.

Find the survey online here.

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