The UF/IFAS Rapid Turf Diagnostic Service offers diagnosis of turfgrass samples with a quick turn-around and other benefits.

Have a turfgrass problem that you need help solving? Send a sample to the UF/IFAS Rapid Turf Diagnostic Service! See the benefits of the diagnostic service below.

Details of the UF/IFAS Rapid Turf Diagnostic Service

According to information on the UF/IFAS Turfgrass website, “This service was designed and implemented for managers of high-quality turfgrass in Florida and is now available to turfgrass managers worldwide.” Details of the UF/IFAS Rapid Turf Diagnostic Service include:

  • “The biggest distinction between this and the standard services provided by the UF IFAS Plant Disease Clinic is the turn-around time for sample results, the direct involvement of the UF Extension Turfgrass Pathologist, and the price charged for the service.”
  • “The price is $75 for domestic US samples and reflects the added costs associated with a full-time student dedicated to turfgrass diagnostics with rapid turn-around time. International samples cost $300 and must be sent with our shipping label and permit available from”
  • “A preliminarydiagnosis will be provided within 1 to 3 business days of receiving the sample. The preliminary diagnosis will be based on visual observation of the sample upon arrival, communications with the sample submitter, and inspection of samples for disease symptoms and pathogen signs after incubation in a moisture chamber. Recommendations will be made to steer short-term management strategies”
  • “The final report will provide a diagnosis based on culture plate results and additional observations after extended incubation. Fungicide recommendations will be made that reflect the results of research conducted at the University of Florida.
    Additional information in the final report will include EC and pH data for some samples. Soluble salts (EC) and pH evaluations (if made) will be performed according to the procedures indicated in the ESTL Analytical Procedures and Training Manual.”

Find the submission form here:

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