Study indicates the benefits of citrus could reduce dementia risk.


Dementia disorders, including Alzheimer’s, are a major concern for the country’s senior populations. A new study out of Japan indicates that citrus could play an important role in lowering dementia risk, according to a article. See the details of the study below.

Citrus Study Details


According to the article, the study looked at data gleaned from a long-term care insurance database of over 13,000 Japanese senior adults. It found that those who frequently consumed citrus fruits—eating citrus “almost every day” or three to four times a week—were 23 percent less likely to develop dementia after the six years of the study when compared to those who ate the fruit only two or fewer times a week.

The study also looked at other factors to rule out their influence in lowering the risk of dementia, such as the consumption of other fruits and vegetables and the overall health of the participants. This means that the 23 percent decrease in dementia was most likely caused solely by the citrus and not other factors, though researcher maintained more research was needed. The study was published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

Citrus options include:

  • clementines
  • grapefruit
  • kumquats
  • lemons
  • limes
  • oranges
  • pomelos
  • tangerines

It’s noted in the study that mandarin oranges were the most commonly consumed citrus in the research subjects’ region. You can explore an abstract of the original study here.

Mandarin oranges and other easy-peel varieties, such as Bingo, have gained a lot of focus in Florida, as many varieties have been found to be tolerant against greening disease, also known as HLB.

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