Explore the latest Vegetable Industry Trends happening in 2022 based on the American Vegetable Grower magazine’s 2022 State of the Industry survey.

American Vegetable Grower magazine recently released the results of their 2022 State of the Industry survey, polling vegetable growers across the nation about current Vegetable Industry trends they are seeing for 2022. The results were published in a Growing Produce article. See the highlights below.

Vegetable Industry Trends

According to the State of the Industry survey and related article, trends vegetable growers are seeing include:

  • “Moving to more specialty crops and crops that require less input costs;
  • Scrambling for inputs;
  • Seeing the benefits of inputs that help combat drought, such as seaweed extracts;
  • More open to using sustainable products and practices, such as biological control, in vegetable production;
  • Buyers increasingly pressure growers to farm more sustainably. But they don’t know what that means or how to do it and who funds it;
  • Hesitant to diversify the variety of their crops and are instead supplying more of what they know consumers and local retail markets rely on;
  • Growing the most expensive crop they ever have grown!”

Rising costs and prices—including those of transportation and inputs. More detailed Vegetable Industry trends from respondents, per the article, include:

  • “A continued interest in unique colors and flavors for the growing young markets.”
  • “Growth of the industry in the Mid-Atlantic region. More automation in all sectors. More interest in packaging equipment.”
  • “States where water isn’t an issue will see movement of farming to those states.”
  • “Less margin for error; constantly pushing the limits.”
  • “Moves toward organics.”
  • “People thought they’d grow their own when COVID started but got a lesson in how hard it is, so they’ve gone to buying locally grown and growing flowers.”
  • “There is a huge push in the ag industry to move toward regenerative agriculture. Green manures and biofumigation are the new hot topics and for good reason.”

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