Explore general advice tips for oxytetracycline injections in Florida citrus trees to fight citrus greening.

In two past blogs, Griffin Fertilizer shared tips for Florida citrus growers in timing and injection techniques for citrus oxytetracycline injections for citrus trees; these injections are the latest thing in the fight against citrus greening as oxytetracycline is antibiotic that has shown promise in testing in keeping citrus trees healthy in the era of citrus greening, also called HLB. All of these tips came from a UF/IFAS Tip of the Week article. Lastly, we share general advice for injections; see them below.

Tips for Oxytetracycline Injections

The article shared the following general advice for oxytetracycline injections:

  • “Implement good tree care, including proper irrigation and nutrient management, to support tree recovery after injection.”
  • “Continue to manage psyllid populations with insecticides. Trunk injection of oxytetracycline is no replacement for psyllid control!”
  • “Maintain detailed records of the trunk-injection process, including date, type of injection material used, dosage and any observations made during and after the treatment.”
  • “If possible, mark the trees with failed injections. This may be an indication of citrus blight. If the number of failed injections in the block is high, consider testing the trees for citrus blight by injecting water with a syringe. If blight is confirmed and the trees are not in good health, replace those trees and do not attempt injections again.”
  • “Follow the label instructions. The label is the law.”

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