Explore the top 10 issues that drive an Extension weed specialist crazy, especially since most of them are ‘self-inflicted,’ according to one specialist.


Weeds are a problem on any farm, but the trouble they cause can be compounded by poor choices in a number of ways. One Extension weed specialist, , shared ten ways that poor choices when it comes to weed controls can drive an Extension weed specialist up the wall in a Southeast Farmpress article. See the ten things summarized below.

Top Ten Weed Issues That Drive Extension Weed Specialists Crazy


  1. “Failure to completely read the herbicide label.” All of the instructions on how to mix, use, and dispose of the herbicide are on the label. Not reading it is planning to fail.
  2. “Skipping a PRE herbicide.” Better results are achieved using a PRE herbicide.
  3. “Under estimating weed size. “Weeds smaller than a credit card respond best to POST
  4. “Tractor speeds greater than 10 MPH.” Faster speeds equal poor coverage.
  5. “Mediocre sprayer cleanout.” There are many places in a sprayer for residual herbicides and other treatments to linger.
  6. “Blaming every peanut stand problem on Valor (flumioxazin).”
  7. “Blaming other production problems (i.e. nematodes) on herbicide carryover.” Other causes should be investigated.
  8. “Applying POST herbicides in 10 GPA. “
  9. “Trying to solve every current production issue (insect, disease, weeds, fertility) with a single tank-mixture.” The more you mix in, the greater the chances of something going wrong.
  10. “Low tolerance for crop injury.” Expect that the herbicide will likely cause some crop

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