See tips for managing sting nematodes in young citrus groves, the worst nematode for new citrus trees.

Sting nematodes are “the most serious nematode problem in young citrus groves,” according to a report by nematologist Larry Duncan during the Florida Citrus Growers’ Institute. Duncan shared information about managing sting nematodes in citrus groves with young trees. The information was shared in a Citrus Industry article. See the details below.

Managing Sting Nematodes

Duncan shared that even before the arrival of citrus greening, “tree growth and fruit production were markedly reduced on trees with heavy sting nematode infestations.” Now that citrus green is endemic in Florida, “Sting nematodes are especially troublesome in young groves with HLB because small trees with few roots support many of the pests,” according to Duncan.

Tips to managing sting nematodes included:

  • “Sunn hemp, a cover crop, can suppress sting nematodes prior to planting.”
  • “Perennial peanut can suppress the pests in row middles.”
  • “Monitoring is necessary in order to make rational treatment decisions.”
  • “Because sting nematode populations resurge following nematicide use, repeated applications are required in the spring and fall.”
  • “Recently registered chemicals offer new modes of action that are highly toxic to nematodes but much less toxic to mammals and birds than existing carbamate products. They also pose less risk to groundwater. These new products include Vydate L (oxamyl), Nimitz, Salibro and Velum Prime.”

Duncan concluded with “Oxamyl effect on roots was superior among the nematicides tested. However, the treatments did not increase yield enough to be profitable. Ideally, sting nematode will one day be managed in citrus with a combination of cover cropping with non-host plants, rootstock tolerance/resistance, HLB avoidance and judicious use of nematicides.”

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