The USDA is sending out the Fruit Chemical Use Survey to fruit growers in 11 states, including Florida citrus growers.

Florida citrus growers and other fruit producers should be on the lookout for the USDA’s Fruit Chemical Use Survey. The USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) is conducting the surveys in 11 states, including Florida, concerning the use of chemicals in fruit production. Including citrus, there are 12 different fruit crops that will be included in the survey, according to a Citrus Industry article. See the details below.

Details of the Fruit Chemical Use Survey

The survey is completed every other year, and it’s meant to collect information like bearing acreage, pest management practices, pesticide application, acres treated, and rates applied, according to the article. Erika White, NASS Acting Southern Regional Director, said “Pesticide data makes this survey a vital tool for the entire fruit production sector in the United States. I hope growers understand the importance of these data and will take the time to respond if they receive this survey.”

The information gathered by the survey concerning pesticide use and pest management practices that will be used to form decisions and policies by organizations like the USDA, the EPA, and more. “Growers benefit from providing this information because it is used to re-register products for their use, illustrate the industry’s environmental practices and assure the quality of U.S. food to consumers here and around the world,” White said

Over the next weeks, enumerators with be contacting growers via telephone in order to arrange in-person interviews to complete survey.

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