The beef cattle industry has changed a lot in the past several decades; get behind these beef cattle trends to stay in sync.

Staying abreast of trends is important for any industry, and the beef cattle industry is no different. Things have changed quite a lot compared to just 50 years ago in raising beef, as pointed out in a recent news article. Every beef cattle operator should get behind these trends to stay productive.

Beef Cattle Trends

The article utilized the perceptions of a variety of beef cattle producers from Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. One producer said, “We don’t do stuff the same way we do 50 years ago.” The following trends can account for the fact that it takes 36% less cattle to produce the same amount of beef now as it did in 1975:

  • Efficiency. Being efficient means doing more with less. One cattle producer pointed to concepts like cross fencing to divide and rotate pastures.
  • Planting Cover Crops. This produces nitrogen and helps maintains the soil quality, which equates to better forages.
  • Water Conservation. Water conservation is a leading topic in Florida’s beef industry, and the use of Best Management Practices and the 4Rs are good for the environment and a ranch’s bottom line.
  • DNA Research. Paying attention to the DNA of bulls and the rest of the herd means raising healthier, more productive animals.
  • Traceability. Having all the details of an animal’s origins is still a relatively new endeavor, but it’s the direction the industry in moving. The benefits are numerous, including meeting consumer demands about the origin of their food choices and being able to trace health issues.

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