See Florida beef forage fertilizer recommendations from UF/IFAS for Florida beef producers to get optimal returns for their operations.

Forages are commonly used to provide optimal nutrition to cow herds. It’s also utilized to save on supplemental feed for animals. We shared information from a UF/IFAS South Florida Beef-Forage Program article on the pros and cons of various Florida beef forages, and we wanted to expand on the Florida beef forage fertilizer recommendations for each forage from the article. See the information below.

Florida Beef Forage Fertilizer Recommendations

The following are excerpts from the article sharing the Florida beef forage fertilizer recommendations:

Stargrass “is known for its rapid establishment and significant yield in the summer months. It produces a high quality forage… The fertilizer recommendations are dependent on the soil testing and harvesting or grazing options, but stargrass responds linearly to increasing levels of N fertilizer during the summer.”

Limpograss “is known for its high yield and adaptability to poorly drained soils… The fertilizer recommendations for grazing are 60 lbs of nitrogen in late winter or early spring and another application in late summer or early fall, while P and K levels should be based on soil testing.”

Bahiagrass “is the most commonly planted perennial grass Florida. Its popularity stems from its superior persistence under low management and low soil fertility… Fertilizer recommendations include 50 lbs of nitrogen/acre in early spring and again in early summer. Bahiagrass phosphorus fertilizer recommendation is based on soil and tissue samples, therefore, producers are encouraged to send soil and tissue samples in early Fall for phosphorus fertilization recommendation.”

Bermudagrass “is a persistent perennial commonly used in hay production throughout Florida… Fertilizer recommendation include 80 lbs of nitrogen/acre in the spring and 80 lbs of nitrogen mid-summer. If using for hay production add an 80-40-20 mix/acre after each cutting.”

See the entire article for complete information.

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