Explore five current trends in Agritech that can improve your operation’s productivity and efficiency and boost your bottom line.

Technology is making improvements in all industries, and agriculture is no exception. Agritech is being developed to improve every corner of the ag industry, and it has the ability to make real improvements in your ag operation. A Growing Produce article looked at five trends in technology in agriculture; explore those that could hold real benefits for your ag operation, below.

Agritech Trends

  1. Collaboration and Integrations in Agriculture. The No. 1 trend deals with making farm data and soil microbe data more accessible to farmers. This ultimately helps farmers establish a deeper understanding of the fundamental biological makeup of the soil on their farm’s operations.”
  2. Crop Protection and Biofertilizers. There are several new and emerging biological fertilizer solutions for farmers on the market today. Examples include “Using microbes to enhance the performance of fertilizer products for crop protection applications”…advances in “the crop-nutrient and fertilizer industries…the introduction of soil and crop biologicals into farming practices, and more.”
  3. Supply Chain Transparency. Suppliers can track performance across the supply chain to pinpoint improvement opportunities. Having these technologies in place allows farmers to predict when crucial farming operations can happen, measure their sustainability, and when their own deliverables can be met.”
  4. IoT Technologies. IoT (Internet of Things) technologies are revolutionizing the way growers, advisors, retailers, and ag input manufacturers interact with the farm. Companies such as Acres are developing technology that can oversee farmland and provide data on the value and productivity of vast areas. Microsoft’s “Farm of the Future” toolkit is another example of technology utilizing and excelling within the IoT space.”
  5. AI/ML and Data Science in Agricultural Technology. The utilization of AI and machine learning (ML) mechanisms within Agritech are some of the most advanced innovations around today.”

See the full article here for more details.

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