Ag tech like a new ag software can be utilized for real results by citrus growers and others in agriculture for real benefits.

New ag software created by a UF ag engineer could benefit citrus growers and others, according to a Citrus Industry article. There are so many facets to keep track of in agriculture that go into a successful season. Ag tech like this new software can help manage some of those details. See the details below.

New Ag Software Details

The new software is called Agroview, and it’s a cloud- and artificial intelligence-based software that “analyzes data collected from unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), satellites and other platforms, such as small airplanes.” The data collected is uploaded to the software where it’s analyzed.

“This software is useful to growers now,” said Ampatzidis, a faculty member at the UF/IFAS Southwest Florida Research and Education Center (SWFREC) in Immokalee. “For now, we have developed software for citrus, vineyards and sugarcane. We are working on developing similar algorithms for tomatoes, blueberries, strawberries and other tree fruit crops.”

The software can potentially:

  • Find the best places to plant crops
  • Identify fruit and vegetable varieties that perform better against diseases.
  • Take inventories of groves
  • Analyze and identify strong producing trees

The software could have even more capabilities going forward for citrus growers and others in agriculture. “In the future, growers could use this software to predict yield, apply chemicals in a timely and efficient manner, and to evaluate management practices and plant varieties,” Ampatzidis said.

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