Make plans now to attend the Florida Ag Expo on November 18th at the Gulf Coast Research and Education Center in Wimauma, FL.

Those in the Florida ag industry should make sure they are at the 2021 Florida Ag Expo to see the details of the fruit and vegetable research going on at the Gulf Coast Research and Education Center in Wimauma, FL. Scheduled for November 18th from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM, the event offers presentations, exhibits, CEU pest management and BMP sessions, field tours, and the opportunity to network with others in the Florida ag industry. See a sneak peek of the event’s offerings below.

Details of the Florida Ag Expo

The Florida Ag Expo highlights the research that has been going on at the GCREC through presentations by UF/IFAS researchers and others. Highlights of presentations include:

  • Opportunities and Challenges for AI in Precision Farming
  • Phenomics in Plant Breeding: Examples from Strawberry
  • AI and Robotics in Specialty Crops: Past Accomplishments and Future Direction
  • Automated Mechanical Weeding for Vegetable Crops

CEU pest management and BMP sessions include:

  • Using Cover crops to Help Manage Nematodes
  • Soil Testing and BMPs
  • Improved Soil-Test Based Fertilizer Recommendations: A Statewide Program

Field Alternative Crop tours include:

·           Breeding for Mechanical Harvesting

·           Effects of Cover Crops on Vegetable Production

·           Artichoke and Hops Production in Florida

One field tour opportunity is the chance to see the hops grown at the center and taste beer brewed from the hops by local breweries. Hops have been on the frontline of the Alternative Crop list in Florida since research started into the crop seven years ago.

The online preregistration for the event closes Nov. 15 at 11:59 a.m. Click here to register.