There are a number of different oak leaf extract research trials that are underway to test the extract’s ability to fight citrus greening.

As citrus greening swept through Florida citrus groves in the past 15 years or so, some citrus growers noticed that citrus trees under oak trees fared much better with citrus greening symptoms than citrus trees not near oak trees. Growers brought the phenomenon to the attention of researchers, and studies into oak leaf extract began. There are currently a number of studies going on to test the extract’s efficacy in helping citrus trees to combat citrus greening, according to a Citrus Industry article. Explore the details below.

Details of Oak Leaf Extract Research

According to the article, citrus growers Travis Murphy and Tom Thayer developed a “formulation based on oak leaf extract” and are leading large-scale grower trials that started in the in spring and summer of 2021. The trials include over “20 growers and thousands of trees,” according to the article.

Similarly, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) field trial began in June 2021 at the Picos Road farm site in Fort Pierce, and 122 fruit-bearing trees, including Minneolas, Hamlins, Ruby Red grapefruit, and Valencias, are part of the study.

Furthermore, UF/IFAS researchers have been conducting oak leaf extract research since 2020, even presenting on the extract during the Citrus Expo that year. The use of oak mulch in citrus groves is also being studied.

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