See the findings resulting from pest management research conducted by UF/IFAS for Florida citrus growers.

UF/IFAS researchers held a virtual presentation on the results of pest management research on February 22, according to a Florida Grower article. They discussed insecticide foliar sprays, citrus under protective screen (CUPS), and individual protective covers (IPCs). See highlights from the article below.

Pest Management Research Highlights

According to the article, presenter Jawwad Qureshi, a UF/IFAS associate professor of entomology, shared the following pest management research findings on insecticide foliar sprays:

  • “Foliar sprays of insecticides timed to citrus flushing provided a significant reduction in Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) populations compared to standard pest management practices.
  • “Timing sprays to flushing also led to a reduction in sprays…”

Findings regarding CUPS and IPCs included:

  • “IPCs and CUPS protected citrus from ACP and HLB. However, other pests such as citrus leafminers (CLM), scales, thrips, mealybugs, armyworms and mites were detected inside IPCs and CUPS.
  • Pest monitoring is critical for IPCs and CUPS. Visual observations, the tap method and yellow sticky cards were useful in the detection of ACP, CLM, scales, thrips and mites. CLM pheromone traps provided good information on CLM male activity.
  • Parasitoids and small predators such as mites that attack pest mites and insect pests were detected in CUPS.
  • Sprays of insecticides and miticides suppressed pests and beneficial mites but did not prevent pest populations from increasing.”

Additional findings included:

  • “Beneficial predators such as ladybeetles and lacewings were observed in groves and contributed to the natural mortality of immature ACPs.
  • Young citrus trees on UV-metalized reflective mulch benefitted from reduced ACP populations and improved plant growth.”

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