With all the excitement over peptides for combating citrus greening, researchers are looking into delivery methods to best administer them.

The citrus industry is abuzz with excitement over the prospect of using a newly discovered peptide to combat citrus greening. While field trials into the efficacy of the peptide are on-going, other researchers are looking into the best delivery methods for peptides for citrus trees, according to a Citrus Industry article. See the details below.

Delivery Methods for Peptides

The typical delivery method for delivering therapeutics to citrus trees is foliar sprays, but treatments for citrus greening have not responded well to this method. Harold Browning, the chief science officer at Premier Citrus ApZ, shared other delivery options that are currently being investigated at the Citrus Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) virtual peptide seminar in November.

Browning maintained that foliar sprays have been shown to be not as effective at treating citrus greening because not enough of the material is absorbed into the plant to affect the phloem or vascular system. There are a few different trials being conducted into other methods of delivery. These include:

Trunk Injections. In this method, therapeutics are delivered into the plant using a needle.

Laser Etching. In this process, small indentations are made on citrus leaves, allowing therapeutics to enter the incisions and get into the tree’s phloem.

The whole purpose of this is to open an avenue for direct absorption,” Browning said in the article.

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