See tips and advice on the best way to get your cattle records in order, as up-to-date records are critical.

Up-to-date cattle records are critical for the profitability of your cattle organization, according to a Drovers article. Yet, the article points out, you may be adding extra steps that take up time, and consequently, money. See the tips shared for organizing your records for your cattle operation in the most concise way, below.

Organizing Cattle Records

The article shared the following advice on organizing cattle records:

Animal ID Systems

“The basics of record keeping begin with how you are tagging your replacement females and newborn calves. You need to have a system that all people on your operation understand and allows every animal to have their own unique ID…” Additionally, “using the international alphanumeric system is another great method for creating ID numbers for your animals as well.”

Methods for Recording Data

“When it comes to how you record data, the biggest thing is that it must work for your entire team. Some people use dry-erase markers to write on the window of their side-by-sides and others input data into apps and sheets on their phones. Depending on the size of your operation and how many people are involved, how you record information is going to vary.” Additionally, switching to digital platforms may be a good idea “because it makes it easier to analyze data after it is recorded. It saves time in the long run, even if it is a learning curve at first.”

Technology for All Generations

“It’s easy to say that grandpas and dads won’t be able to handle new technology or phone apps.” However, the article maintains that there are a variety of apps and that the “older generation” can be taught. The article “urges cattlemen and women to take the time to determine what data points they need to track to move their herd forward and look at what technology and recording systems can do that for them to make their lives easier.”

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