See tips from the UF/IFAS commercial fruit crop agent for Lake and Orange counties on improving nutrient uptake efficiency.

The Citrus Nutrition Day in October saw biological scientist and the commercial fruit crop agent for Lake and Orange counties, Brandon White, share the pros and cons of different fertilization methods for citrus during his presentation. He also shared tips on improving nutrient uptake efficiency, which were shared in a Citrus Industry article. See the details below.

Tips on Improving Nutrient Uptake Efficiency

The second portion of White’s presentation focused on improving nutrient uptake efficiency. He maintained that the first strategy for improving the uptake of nutrients was adequate water. Then, according to the article, he asked “After ensuring crops have sufficient water, what is the next most important thing to ensure for crop health?”

The second strategy for improving nutrient uptake—and the answer to White’s question—is pH. According to the article, White called pH the “principal factor for fertility and crop nutrition,” and that soil pH should be kept between 5.8 and 6.5 for optimal nutrient uptake.

Lastly, White shared that nutrient testing was a third strategy for achieving optimal nutrient uptake. He said that soil testing should be done throughout the year and tracked so that yearly trends can be observed. He added that soil and tissue testing are best when done together as tissue testing shows which nutrients made it into the plant.

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