See tips to help you with planning pest management, including a focus on the importance of soil testing for fertilizer selection and more.

Florida growers are planning pest management for the coming season. A Growing Produce article shared tips on pest management planning with a focus on soil testing. The article maintained that “Early detection of pests is crucial for minimizing harm and crop loss. Farmers can make informed decisions about crop selection, fertilizer use, and pest management strategies by identifying pests and understanding the microorganisms present in the soil.” See the details below.

Planning Pest Management

The article shared the following tips, for planning pest management, including utilizing soil testing:

  • “Identify pests early”…using “Visual inspection, trapping, and biological soil testing.”
  • “Biological soil testing is beneficial for detecting soil microorganisms, which are vital for soil and plant health. By analyzing the soil’s microorganisms, farmers can anticipate disease risks and prevent pest infestations.”
  • “Knowing the pests present in the soil can also inform crop selection.”
  • “Understanding the pests present can inform fertilizer selection. For example, if root-knot nematodes are present in the soil, a fertilizer low in nitrogen and high in phosphorus may help manage their population.”
  • “Farmers can take steps to improve the environment,” such as “Adding organic matter, utilizing beneficial microorganisms, minimizing tillage, and other techniques,” “where helpful microorganisms can grow if a soil test reveals a low population of these bacteria.”
  • “Biological soil testing can help farmers forecast disease risks and take preventative measures. This involves keeping an eye out for problems linked to poor soil health, such as root rot, and taking action to restore soil health. Traps and pheromone lures can also identify and monitor pest populations.”

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