Every Florida pesticide exam is now available to take online to achieve or renew certification as a licensed pesticide applicator.

There are about 70,000 certified pesticide applicators in The Sunshine State, and current licensed applicators and those wishing to gain certification can now take every Florida pesticide exam online, according to a UF/IFAS blog post. These exams ensure that pesticide applicators are “properly certified to follow state regulations and best practices for mitigating the impact of chemicals on the environment.” See the details below.

Details on Taking a Florida Pesticide Exam Online

The tests are offered through a partnership between UF/IFAS Extension and FDACS, and they began offering some exams online earlier this year. However, now every Florida pesticide exam—for agricultural, structural pest control, and mosquito control licenses—can now be taken online. In-person exams are still an option as well. The cost to take a test online is $26.

Brett Bultemeier, an Extension assistant professor of agronomy with the UF/IFAS Pesticide Information Office, said “We hope this remote online option will save applicators both time and money. When you factor in travel time and testing time, a pesticide applicator may spend half a day or more to sit for an in-person exam. That’s time they could be spending working or growing their business. The remote online option will allow them to take the test on a rainy day or outside traditional working hours,” in the article. Bultemeier also pointed out that another benefit of offering online testing is reducing test-taking anxiety.

Those interested in taking a pesticide exam—online or in person—must first get a voucher from FDACS. Then, after getting a voucher, they must register with UF/IFAS to take the test, either in person or online. The online tests utilize software that ensures test takers are not cheating, like looking online, in books, or using study guides during the exam.

FDACS put together a how-to video on applying for a voucher and then the exam. Find it here.

Find the UF/IFAS pesticide exam website here.

The UF/IFAS Pesticide Information Office also offers online courses that give applicators continuing education units (CEUs).

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