See tips for using a pre-emergent herbicide in a Florida citrus grove to fight weeds for better efficacy.

Weeds are problematic for everyone in agriculture, citrus growers included. A UF/IFAS Tip of the Week maintains that weeds “compete for resources with the trees, support pests and interfere with grove operations like irrigation.” Using a pre-emergent herbicide, or a residual herbicide that stays in the soil to suppress the germination of susceptible weeds, is an effective strategy for combating weeds. See tips below.

Tips for Using a Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Start Clean
“Pre-emergent herbicides work best when applied to clean tree rows with no or minimal existing weeds. Existing weed growth can act as a barrier and prevent the pre-emergence herbicide from fully incorporating into the topsoil. If weeds have begun to sprout in the tree rows, consider tank-mixing pre-emergent herbicides with a compatible post-emergent like glyphosate or glufosinate-ammonium.”

Irrigate Before Or After Application
“Sprinkler irrigating the applied areas within two days of application will help activate most pre-emergent herbicides in the soil. Adequate moisture content in the soil helps the germinating weed seeds or emerging weed seedlings readily uptake the herbicide active ingredient from the soil solution.”

Calibrate Sprayers
“Uniform distribution of the herbicide active ingredient in the soil is crucial for maximum weed suppression.”

Use Appropriate Adjuvants
“After consulting the product label, appropriate adjuvants/additives should be used to improve the efficacy of pre-emergent herbicides.”

Consider Tank Mixes
“Tank-mixing different pre-emergent herbicides with multiple selectivity and modes of action will broaden the range of weeds controlled in a single application.”

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