The University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences is on the front lines of fighting citrus greening and saving Florida’s citrus industry. It is one reason why veteran citrus grower Vic Story says he is participating in grower nutrition trials. Story has groves in Central Florida, and he’s using some of those groves to support studies being conducted by University of Florida researcher Tripti Vashisth. Story also encourages other growers to do the same in a article

Details of UF Nutrition Trials

The nutrition trials being conducted by Vashisth are aimed at figuring out how to best apply nutritional inputs. It’s an area that Story believes is of great importance. ““Can we feed the trees completely on the ground, or can we feed them completely with foliar, or is a combination best?” he questioned in the article. “…We’re going to know in two years,” he assured.

Story urged fellow growers to look into participating in nutritional trials at UF. “We need to look at some of the varying programs that the university has proposed in practical, out-in-the-grove situations over a period of time,” he said in the article. “I’m measuring these programs against my own … I’m a guy that’s willing to learn and willing to try new things,” Story said.

Participating in nutrition trials are a way to support the knowledge base of Florida citrus growers and the industry as a whole. “It’ll be good to have more varying situations looked at,” Story maintained.

Another advantage of the trials are that the fertilizer manufacturers will be providing the products used in the trials to the growers. Story calls that “a big deal,” adding that “When we started the trial, we were providing the materials – most of them,” he said in the article. “I think this will encourage more people to participate in the trials. Some of the materials are a little more expensive than some growers are used to using.”

Growers interested in participating in UF nutrition trials should contact UF researcher Tripti Vashisth at

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