Take some time to make a few resolutions for your agribusiness—and plan how you’re going to keep them—going into 2017.


Making changes is never easy; it’s one reason why most people give up on New Year’s resolutions within a few weeks of making them. However, change can be good for you, and for your agribusiness, so it’s important to come up with a plan so you stick with your resolutions for your agribusiness. Choose a few options below and get to work.

Resolutions for your Agribusiness


  1. Get organized. If you’re someone who is always scrambling to get papers in order during tax time, or are constantly searching for papers, receipts and invoices, it’s time to get everything in order, and come up with a system for ensuring that everything is filed in an easy-to-find spot so you can find it when you need it.
  2. Analyze your agribusiness. Look at data from the past several years, such as harvest yields, expenses and inputs, to assess what is working and areas where you can improve. Plan month by month, or even week-to-week what steps you will take to improve your agribusiness.
  3. Make plans to increased revenue. Could you diversify your crops and/or livestock, add a crop in with some form of intercropping or add an agritourism feature to your agribusiness?
  4. Strengthen you finances. Talk to an expert in ag finances to explore your options for refinancing to a lower rate, getting a line of credit or getting a loan to expand your agribusiness.
  5. Increase your knowledge. Are you doing the same thing year after year with your agribusiness, or are you utilizing tools and resources like Extension services, grower organizations, neighbors and industry shows to increase your knowledge?
  6. Plan for the next generation. If you plan to leave your agribusiness to the next generation, start the conversation and the process now.


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