See updates for peppers concerning the current market and production from a member of the industry.

In a recent interview, pepper grower Neil Mazal, with East Coast Farms and Vegetables in Lake Worth, Florida, shared updates for peppers about the current market and production. The updates were shared in a Specialty Crop Industry article. See the updates below.

Updates for Peppers

In Florida, peppers are grown from October through June. The Sunshine State is the second largest state for growing peppers in the US, behind California. Unfortunately, Florida’s pepper production—measured in both acres grown and pounds harvests—has decreased in the last decade or so. Georgia also contributes a small portion of the peppers produced in the US.

According to the article, pertinent updates for peppers include:

  • “The red pepper market is very strong. There was a flush of red pepper out of Mexico that’s dried up. The field grown red pepper in Florida are done.
  • Canada is not ready with red pepper production. Volume is not expected until May 23.
  • Current prices for green pepper are in the low $20 range.
  • Florida is still producing a small volume of pepper.
  • Georgia is off to a late start this year following the freeze in March. Warm weather should help production progress in the next couple of days.
  • There were disease problems and pepper weevil damage in Florida.
  • Historical high price points were due to the weather and that California planted less product. That was driven by high costs, materials, labor and lack of available water.”

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