See management recommendations for snails in citrus, a problem that is becoming more common with the arrival of a new (tiny!) snail pest.

There is a new snail species that is plaguing citrus, according to a recent UF/IFAS Tip of the Week article. The article maintains that “Bulimulus bonariensis, previously referred to as Bulimulus sporadicus… is a new challenge for citrus growers.” The tiny snail—some as small as only 3 millimeters in diameter—can clog irrigation lines. While the snail pest is new and research is ongoing, the article shared what is know so far in terms of management recommendations for these snails in citrus. See the details below.

Managing New Snails in Citrus

The article shared that “These small young snails are hard to detect. It is likely that populations of snails go undetected for several generations due to the small size of the younger life stages. Until snails are larger, or the population is high enough to begin clogging irrigation, they are easy to miss in fields.”

Management recommendations, though at an early stage, for these snails in citrus include:

  • “At present, there are six baits and one liquid molluscicide registered for use on snails in Florida citrus: Deadline GT, Deadline M-Ps, IronFist, Ferroxx, Ferroxx AQ, Sluggo (baits) and Slug-Fest (liquid). In a laboratory study, all baits were found to be effective in killing  bonariensiswithin a seven-day period. Field evaluations are just now beginning for these materials.”
  • “Molluscicides can provide short-term relief, but finding a predator is often key to long-term snail and slug management.” Research is ongoing to find predators to control snail populations.

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