Florida cattle farmers rely on the beefiness of their cattle for income. The fatter the cow, the greater the profits. However, another animal is jeopardizing the profitability of cattle farms across the state: the feral pig. Feral swine— or wild hogs— roam free in Florida’s cattle ranches because of hunting permit laws.

These wild pigs are opportunistic omnivores, meaning they’ll eat almost anything, including acorns, twigs, small reptiles, and grass. More importantly than grass, they crave what lies beneath the grass: grubs, roots, and larvae.

In the process of digging for food, the pigs leave behind large holes in the ground—sometimes almost two feet deep. Since Florida cattle graze on the pasture grass, these entrenchments decrease the amount of food available for the cows. When cattle can’t feed, the rancher’s bottom line is affected. Recent case studies have shown that Florida ranchers lose nearly $2 million dollars every year just from this problem.

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