Find ways to honor those in ag this National Ag Day.


March 20th is National Ag Day, and it’s a day to honor and celebrate the important role of the farmer and the contributions of agriculture itself. Organized by the Agriculture Council of America, there are three goals for the day: helping citizens to understand how our foods and fibers are produced, to explore the role of ag in creating a strong economy, and to foster appreciation of agriculture’s ability to provide a safe, affordable, and abundant food and fiber supply. Find ways to honor and celebrate those in the ag industry in your community this National Ag Day, below.

Details on National Ag Day


Agriculture is a big industry here in Florida, so it shouldn’t be hard to find ways to support your farming communities. This National Ag Day, try:

  • Look to ag groups and organizations—like FFA, 4-H, and the Farm Bureau—which are likely hosting an event.
  • Shop at a local farmers’ market. Support the farmers and ranchers in your community by buying directly from them at a Farmers’ Market. Fresh from Florida offers a Community Farmers Market Locator tool.
  • Go to a Local U-Pick agribusiness. Similarly, this directly supports farmers and others in the ag industry. Fresh from Florida offers a U-Pick Farm locator tool
  • Volunteer to help children learn about ag by volunteering to read on Ag Literacy Day, May 1st. Register at

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