Florida citrus growers need not worry concerning the gibberellic acid label when it comes to using it to combat citrus greening.

Gibberellic acid is currently a big topic in Florida citrus with recent research showing that its use can be beneficial in reversing the symptoms of citrus greening. However, some Florida citrus growers have voiced concerns about the gibberellic acid label not including usage for combating citrus greening. A recent Citrus Industry article outlining an interview with Citrus Research and Education Center Director (CREC) Michael Rogers assuages those fears. See the details below.

Gibberellic Acid Label and Citrus Greening

According to the article, some Florida growers are concerned that the gibberellic acid label does not allow for use against citrus greening, such as for improving productivity in citrus greening-infected Valencias. Rogers, however, maintained that such usage was allowed. He said “because the recommendations that we put out … how to use gibberellic acid to reverse HLB symptoms for Valencia oranges, this isn’t spelled out exactly on the gibberellic acid label. There’s a lot of gray areas, a lot of leeway on how you use this. It (the label) doesn’t prevent us from using it.”

He added that “growers who use pesticides need to follow the label exactly,” however, “GA is not a pesticide.” While recommendations are currently only for Valencias, research is ongoing into gibberellic acid’s usage for Hamlins and fresh fruit oranges as well, and that “We’re very optimistic about that.”

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