Nominate a deserving individual in the ag industry to the Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame by September 1st.

The FL Agricultural Hall of Fame is now accepting nominations for inductees for the 2023 class. The FL Ag Hall of Fame “honors producers, commodity leaders, educators, scientists and others who have made significant contributions to the production of food in Florida.” It has inducted over 170 individuals from the ag industry since its inception in 1980. Ray Hodge, Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame Foundation President, said in a Specialty Crop Industry article that “The Hall of Fame celebrates the rich history of Florida agriculture, connecting the present-day community with the giants on whose shoulders we all stand. We invite the agriculture community and others to nominate those who have demonstrated selfless dedication to advocacy and advances in agricultural production, innovation and education.” See the details of nominating someone below.

Nominating Someone for the Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame

Reggie Brown, a 2022 Inductee and a former Foundation president said “A nomination recognizes a lifetime of contributions to Florida agriculture, and that is an honor in itself. It’s a gift of gratitude to the nominee, and it helps the entire industry by telling the story of people who exemplify service, commitment and achievement.”

The application process is completely digital this year, with the nomination form and instructions found here. According to the Hall of Fame website, “These individuals’ contributions to agriculture have helped advance the industry and ensure it continues to thrive. Their tireless, unselfish efforts to promote and protect Florida’s greatest industry are recognized with the agricultural community’s highest honor.” Those submitting nominations are encouraged to “submit a thorough, well-developed submission that shows the magnitude of a nominee’s contributions to the industry.”

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