See the results of research into flooded crop mitigation that could be a solution for Florida farmers dealing with flooded fields.

Flooded fields are a common problem for Florida farmers given The Sunshine State’s rainy summer season and the flooding brought by hurricanes. Recent research done scientists with the University of Florida might offer a solution for flooded crop mitigation, according to a UF/IFAS blog. Plants undergo hypoxic stress when exposed to flooding, meaning they are unable to get enough oxygen in order to take up the nutrients necessary for growth. The study looked at the application of solid oxygen fertilizers, namely calcium peroxide and magnesium peroxide. See the details of the research below.

Research Into Flooded Crop Mitigation

Associate professor with the UF/IFAS horticultural sciences department and the study’s lead, Dr. Guodong “David” Liu, said in the blog “We know that flooding suffocates plants,” and that We also know, from our previous research, that soils amended with oxygen fertilizers may reduce that stress, minimizing the damage from flooding or hurricanes.”

The study used three groups of snap bean plants, chosen for their fast growth. One group was watered normally, the second was watered to a level to mimic flooding, and the third was also over-watered but also treated with oxygen fertilizer applications.

According to the article, “The flooded plants that received either peroxide application grew taller and produced higher yields than the flooded control plants, some by as much as 50%, although neither treatment produced as much as the non-flooded plants. The highest yields came at the rate of 2 grams for calcium peroxide and 8 grams for magnesium peroxide per container with a single plant.” While research is needed to test this option for flooded crop mitigation in other plants, Liu said “Oxygen fertilizers should be useful for other crops we grow in Florida, and may also help combat stressors like salinity in coastal areas experiencing sea-level rise.”

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