FDACS has granted a 24(c) special local need registration got the citrus trunk injection product ReMedium TI.

Florida citrus growers have been watching trunk injection trials with interest, and they can finally try the product themselves, ReMedium TI, since FDACS has granted a 24(c) special local need registration for this citrus trunk injection product. According to a Florida Grower article, FDACS approved the 24(c) special local need registration on October 28th. See the details below.

Details of the Citrus Trunk Injection Product

According to the article, ReMedium TI is oxytetracycline (OTC) hydrochloride, an antibiotic used for the control or suppression of citrus greening. Rick Dantzler, the COO of the Citrus Research and Development Foundation (CRDF), said in the article, the “EPA (the federal Environmental Protection Agency) has 90 days to object, but it is my understanding that growers may use the product during the period of review. TJ Biotech has been hard at work getting ready to meet the demand if the 24(c) was granted, so I expect product to be available very quickly, like within weeks.”

Dantzler added that the citrus trunk injection product is meant to be used with the TJ BioTech FlexInject injection device, which involves drilling a hole into citrus trees’ trunks at a certain height above the soil line and injecting the product. He also cautioned growers to “follow the ReMedium TI label instructions ‘explicitly’…” to remain below federal thresholds and because the product can only be used once a year for bearing citrus or twice a year for non-bearing citrus.

CRDF is also conducting its own research into OTC and other injectables, but they believe the injections will be successful. Dantzler added that the product “is quite likely the only thing that can help reset the industry in the short term. Time is not on our side, and if this had not been approved, I don’t know what many growers would have done.”

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