Two of Florida’s ag organizations are working to create a pesticide licensing option for testing for certified pesticide applicators.

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has closed down many businesses and the day-to-day operations of organizations and the like to stop the threat of the virus. This includes the in-person testing sites for certified pesticide applicators. According to a Citrus Industry article, there are “60,000 licensed pesticide applicators in Florida and about 9,000 exams administered annually to groups ranging in size from one to 300.” Since test sites have been closed until April 30th and potentially longer, FDACS and UF/IFAS are trying to come up with a virtual solution. Read about it below.

Online Option for Pesticide Licensing Details

“UF/IFAS Extension is exploring ways to safely and securely test through distance technology. We are working with a private vendor right now that has the capability to do this. It is going to take some time, but we are trying to get this in place as we speak,” Jason Ferrell, director of the UF/IFAS Pesticide Information Office said in the article.

In light of the current lag in the lack of testing facilities, FDACS granted a 30-day extension for certified pesticide applicators whose licenses are expiring. Similarly, the article shared online tools that current license holders can use to obtain credits toward renewal. FDACS maintained that they would consider more extensions if necessary.

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