Two Florida schools are doing their part to protect Florida’s citrus industry against HLB, or citrus greening: The University of Central Florida and The University of Florida.

This year, UCF was awarded $1.9 million dollars to create a method that protects against HLB. In 2015, UCF researcher Swadeshmukul Santra and his team received a $1.7 million dollar grant from the USDA to study how nanoparticles guard against citrus greening. With his grant, he invented a tiny particle that could permanently halt the spread of citrus greening. His team is currently undergoing field trials for that project, but this new $1.9-million-dollar grant will allow them to ensure the safety of bees, birds, and other organisms while conducting their research. This research prompted the USDA to recognize UCF as a “Center for Excellence,” recognizing the school’s outstanding work and success as a research institution.

The University of Florida is also doing its part to battle HLB. In 2015, they received a $4.6 million dollar USDA grant. They’re working on developing a new technique that uses lasers to treat citrus greening in already infected trees.

The research conducted at these two universities will usher in new technology and methods for handling HLB and prevent the decimation of Florida citrus crops. Read more about these two institutions and how they’re fighting citrus disease here.

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